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Getting Better’s message of optimism and resilience will appeal to all audiences, and Kärma Sounds’ excellent vocal performance and songwriting make it a standout track.

Kärma Sounds, the ethereal vision from Montreal turned Vancouver powerhouse, unveils her latest single in 2024, “Getting Better,” in a touching collaboration with three-time Grammy and two-time Juno Award-winning producer Chin Injeti. Released on New Year’s Day, which also marks Kärma’s birthday, this empowering anthem highlights the indomitable human spirit.

“Getting Better” is an anthem born from Kärma’s volunteer work in a women’s shelter, a profound narrative that unfolds with each soul-stirring note. The song opens with a powerful verse about a woman who has faced adversity and wears her scars like a crown, fighting for herself and her daughter. The chorus is a catchy and uplifting refrain that emphasizes the song’s message: things are only getting better. The bridge is a beautiful moment in the song, with Kärma Sounds singing about how important it is to keep hope alive even in the darkest of circumstances. The collaboration with Chin Injeti creates a sonic landscape that enhances the emotional depth of the lyrics. Injeti’s transformative work with global icons like Pink, Eminem, Anderson Paak, and Drake shows through, as he weaves his magic seamlessly with Kärma’s beautiful vocals here.

The single, released as part of Kärma’s commitment to community impact, goes beyond the realm of music. Teaming up with the local YWCA, Kärma Sounds seeks to raise funds for vulnerable women and youth. This collaboration exemplifies Kärma’s dedication to using her music as a force for positive change, transcending the boundaries of artistry and reaching into the realms of social impact.

Kärma Sounds, the byname of Karina Morin, with her impossibly sensual voice, invites listeners into a world where resilience isn’t just a word but a lived experience. The lyrics, rooted in the stories of strength she encountered at the women’s shelter, paint a vivid picture of overcoming challenges, making the single a deeply personal and universal narrative.

As Kärma Sounds shares her reflections on the release, expressing a desire to empower vulnerable communities, the authenticity and sincerity behind “Getting Better” become even more notable. It’s a musical journey that extends beyond the confines of the headphones, touching hearts and making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

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