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The album runs across different genres and influences but it is consistent with Amy’s own style, rooted in folk and country music.

“I still got a long way to go
getting closer this I know
to finding home”
(“Down The Line”)

Amy Loftus is an authentic free spirit.

She is a songwriter, a podcaster, a yogini, a coach. She writes music for television and films while teaching yoga and giving relationship advice through her podcast Something Better. All these different experiences, plaited into a sensitive and positive personality, shine through the ten songs that make up Keep Me Wild. The album runs across different genres and influences but it is consistent with Amy’s own style, rooted in folk and country music.

It is no wonder that Amy Loftus’ musical career took off after a performance at the legendary Nashville venue Bluebird Cafe, a sort of country music temple. That show led her to great songwriting opportunities down Music Row, an excellent chance to work on a personal and engaging musical style.

Originally from Chicago, the prolific songwriter is now based in Los Angeles, where she successfully keeps working at her music after the fortunate parenthesis in Nashville.

Keep Me Wild is her eighth studio release, preceded by Sweetest Surrender (2018), That Whole Entire Time (2015), Acoustic Hits (2011), Peas and Carrots (2008), Fireworks EP (2008), Better (2007), Straight to Amy (2005), and a string of singles.

The ten songs that make up her latest album are intimate, relatable and authentic. Amy’s personality and emotions genuinely emerge through her sophisticated lyrics, while the wide sonic spectrum of the tracklist keeps the album interesting and catchy, song after song.

A delicate and introspective piano ballad such as “California Air” sits together with a country-rock hit, infused with more contemporary pop sounds, such as “Down The Line”.

If you are wondering how a the production of this album sound so great? Here’s an interesting fact: Amy teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter Rich Jacques to work on her new songs collection.

The creative process behind the album was quite complex, as Amy and Rich went through her “seed lists” of dismissed songs to work on them and give them a new life. The result is an uplifting set of tunes, analogous to real life, with lyrics we could all identify with, such as Everything is always what it is/Let’s be here now in reality/It’d be so much better for you and me from “Fix something.”

The songs consistently explore the theme of love and “traveling through time experience”. Amy Loftus took inspiration by her own life and her marriage to Oliver, stating that “there is still a wildness in real, stable, safe and trustworthy love, which I didn’t know until I experienced it.” The title track masterly presents this feeling with the verse: “I never knew that love could feel so free.

Keep Me Wild was also inspired by the themes explored in Amy’s Something Better podcast and her listeners’ feedback.

A journey through love, sadness, and rebirth, this album will surely resonate with a wide audience.

1 Concrete Driveways
2  Simple Things
3 Fix Something
4 Down the Line
5 Hello
6 Freeway
7 California Air
8 Ghost in you
9 And You Are All Mine
10 Keep Me Wild
Release Date: April 30, 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock / Singer Songwriter

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