The Rescues / Crazy Ever After / Album Review


Melodic, confessional, and haunting, with a gentle sense of yearning…

If you like great singer/songwriter material topped with amazing vocals, The Rescues are your new triple favorite. The group is a vocal-oriented threesome based in Los Angeles that combines two female voices with one male singer. Adrianne Gonzalez, Gabriel Mann, and Kyler England are a force to be reckoned with in the vox department and sing together with a natural ease and feel. Their music is melodic, confessional, and haunting, with a gentle sense of yearning that adds to the personal feel of their release Crazy Ever After.

The overall vibe is one of intelligent folk/pop/rock that seems intended for a thinking audience. The songs are held up by guitars and pianos and recall the best moments of 10,000 Maniacs and Indigo Girls but with a strong sense of individuality that prevents any sort of sound-alike situation. “Lost Along the Way” is brilliant and opens this set in fine style. “Sweetspot” is its equal and “Shadows of Tall Buildings” is not far behind. All the tracks here hit the target and there are no less-than-graceful moments on the record. Crazy Ever After is the kind of album that you keep discovering the more you listen to it. The genius here is so understated that it takes time for each song to reveal itself to new listeners.

Not surprisingly, The Rescues are a dynamite live act and have also lent voices to TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. This is the kind of uplifting and organic music that deserves a global audience. All the elements are present to achieve that goal and anyone who thinks all the great songs have already been written should give this bunch a chance to bust that myth into little pieces for them.

1 Lost Along The Way
2 Matter Of Time
3 California Rain
4 Break Me Out
5 Shadows Of Tall Buildings
6 New Kind Of Cool
7 Sweetspot
8 Crazy Ever After
9 Lay It On Me
10 I Miss Missing You
11 My Heart With You
12 Break Me Out 2.0

Release Date: January 1, 2008
Genre: Alternative Rock / Pop

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