Maeve Steele / Maeve Steele / LP Review


Captivating hooks and flawless laid back production, make up Maeve Steele’s self-titled debut LP.

Californian singer and songwriter Maeve Steele moved to Nashville with one goal in mind: redefining the sound of that city.


Her minimalist avant-pop shines through the songs of her debut self-named LP, produced by Cole Phillips and Grammy-nominated engineer Robert Venable.


Maeve Steele, the LP has two singles that highlight Steele’s ability to write candid lyrics and that showcase her warm vocals: Real and Tourist.


The production of both singles is flawless and the laid-back mood makes the tracks an enjoyable easy-listen. The minimalist arrangements of the tracks never get in the way of Maeve’s vocals.


Another strength emerging in these two polished pop singles is the presence of captivating hooks that could contribute to their commercial success.


Overall, Real and Tourist are a good starting point for the classically trained violinist and instrumentalist. With just a tiny step forward and a bit more courage in experimenting with sounds and more variety in mood, Maeve Steele will be ready to become Nashville’s next superstar.


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