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‘Songs that feel like Fridays’: that’s how the band from Leuven describes their own music. According to The Lighthouse, Fridays – or rather Friday evenings – are intended to blithely immerse yourself in the night. That can happen with either rousing beats and catchy lyrics or with a heady layering of guitar and synths that brings about vision of mysterious nighttime fantasies.

The Lighthouse is an indie-pop five member band based in Leuven, Belgium that you want to keep your eyes on especially with a new release called “Cover Story.”


This track is a perfect example of how the band managed to channel the diverse creative influences of each musician involved in the project. For this reason, the music sounds extremely colorful and kaleidoscopic. Yet, it is devoid of the pretentiousness that sometimes comes from bands trying to squeeze just too many elements into their sound.


On the contrary, The Lighthouse managed to retain a catchy and relatable vibe, because of the awe inspiring feeling that fuels their lyrics.


This track, in particular, created with the help of multi-platinum producer Huub Reijnders, deals with the faltering nature of a summer romance, and where there’s any possible future in the relationship.


Cover Story is part of The Lighthouse’ forthcoming debut album “Whatever Comes Our Way,” out September 27th.


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