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“Smoke, is a nostalgia-fueled track about the unnecessary pressure we put ourselves under. This song is simply a message saying that it’s okay to fail now and then – it’s not the failing that harms us, but the pressure to succeed.” – Go Robot

This is undoubtedly a very exciting time for Go Robot, an indie rock band from the UK who is introducing its debut Single to the scene. The song is titled “Smoke,” and it does a fantastic job at capturing the act’s eclectic vibe and one-of-a-kind sonic formula.


What’s interesting about this song is that the band adopted a rather innovative approach within the recording studio environment. As opposed to being limited to what the band’s line up would allow them to record in a live setting, they decided to explore the full potential of different instruments, without the usual boundaries of the average rock band format.


As a result, “Smoke” is a song with an astonishing sonic variety to the table. In addition to the varied instrumentation, the track has a heartfelt emotional focus. It tugs your heart in all the right ways. In fact, the song deals with feelings of being under pressure from our own expectations, and from those around us.


Ever since we were young, we were told we’re going to achieve things, and we make plans to be someone, do something, go somewhere, and so on. What happens when life takes a different turn? How do we handle being something different than what we set out to achieve? “Smoke” is a stark reminder that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse… verily, it can be a turn for the better!


Don’t miss the animated, stop motion music video accompanying this track that the band created themselves with a big paper set and plasticine characters. Pure passion and hard work are evident in the result! Bravo!


We can’t wait for new music and what’s to come for Go Robot.


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