Brenden David / Ends of the Earth / Single Review


Sweet and loving opening with a dreamy rock guitar solo.

Velvet vocals, à la Michael Bublé, and soothing Bossa/Latin-jazz guitars are the main ingredients of Ends of the Earth, the debut single by Florida born, Tennessee raised Brenden David.


The song is masterly produced, with an interesting and well-planned structure that keeps the listener engaged through major mood changes: from the sweet and loving opening to a dreamy rock guitar solo.


Ends of the Earth highlights Brenden David’s ability to deliver a heartfelt atmosphere with romantic lyrics and an arrangement that leaves space to all its different layers, instruments, and elements.


Despite this being “just” a love song, it can evoke strong feelings and images and it would definitely work as a poignant soundtrack for a movie or a TV ad.


The catchy hooks and melodies, the smooth arrangement and non-intrusive production, with a touch of old-fashioned feel, make Ends of the Earth a great candidate in the category “independent song of the year.”


Brenden David pulls from folk music roots to experiment with more contemporary sounds and he does a great job at it. He could surely be able to embody the modern guitarist singer and songwriter. We can’t wait to hear a full album from him!


Music Credits:

Electric Guitar: @spencerthomassmith
Bass: @theaaronsawyer
Drums: @obholzdrums
Drums recorded at @lablancastudioswith @danjnel
Mastering: @alexdobbert
Album Art: @abigaillewisphoto


Connect With Brenden:

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