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MIRI has a talent for soaring through the instrument with her heartfelt, raspy voice that’s sultry, yet energetic at the same time.

When we think of a “soundbite,” we think of a little portion of something greater. A soundbite is like a piece of a puzzle, and when many different pieces come together, something truly amazing can happen.


On the other hand, things can get even more interesting when you don’t follow the rules. Instead of fitting the pieces of the puzzle where they should go, you could jumble it up, and redefine the picture. Instead of the usual puzzle, you’ll end up with a colorful and unique mosaic!


MIRI’s music, with its shades and vibrant colors, makes us think of a beautiful combination of colors, organized in unusual patterns. Her new four track EP, “Soundbites,” showcases her beautiful vocals.


Good Ones, the opening track gets inspiration from seeing so much injustice in the world and surrendering to love. “Why do the good ones stumble? / Why do the good ones fall? / Why do the ones who cause the suffering they never learn?” The songs asks. “I keep on loving / I keep on living / For today…” Yet in the end, there is a resolve to live/love to the full.


My Sweetheart is MIRI’s love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who is unable to live their truth freely and safely.


She sings very dynamically, and more importantly, she seems comfortable exploring a diverse range of styles. Her songs explore trip-hop vibes, reggae, pop, R&B, and pretty much everything in between. MIRI has a talent for soaring through the instrument with her heartfelt, raspy voice that’s sultry, yet energetic at the same time.


On songs such as “Good Ones,MIRI strikes us as a modern-day Janis Joplin, while she is also able to reveal another side of her voice on songs such as “Somebody Save Me,” showcasing a more melodic style that reminds us of acts like Amy Winehouse.


When MIRI is not performing, she is a campaigner and champion of all things LGBTQ+ and works extensively with mental health awareness charities and community projects.

Good Ones
My Sweetheart
Somebody Save Me


EP Credits:


All songs written by MRI

Keyboards, Wurlitzer, BV’s and Co Producer: MIRI

Engineering and Drums: @ollythekidbetts
Recorded @thecrowsneststudio
Mastering: @neilrevealsound
Electric Guitar: @antoninvanneyre
Bass (Track 3), BV’s (Track 4) Acoustic Guitar & Co Producer: David Luximon-Herbert
Bass: Yolanda Charles
Additional Engineering and Production: Simon Willey
Mixing Engineer: Simon Willey

Artwork & Photograph @gallantofficial


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