Jasmine Ash / High Wire Single Review


The new single by Jasmine Ash is “never gonna come down.”

High Wire, the new, energetic single by established Los Angeles songwriter Jasmine Ash, has all it takes to become the next hot summer hit. It has a captivating rhythm, a powerful hook (We get up/We get higher/Never gonna come down/Down/Down), and a heartfelt lightness to it. But don’t be misled: this song has a deeper meaning too.

“High Wire is a song about taking risks and facing your fears,” we can read in the first frame of the official music video.

Jasmine Ash, an accomplished and talented songwriter, whose songs are featured in plenty of TV shows and movies, has indeed taken a risk with this new song.

After eight years spent writing tunes for other artists, she decided to get back to performing her own material, starting with the dreamy pop song High Wire.

To make the message of the tune even stronger, during the production of the music video, she decided to face another one of her fears: dancing in public. The result is really fun and down-to-earth, as we see Jasmine rock her own choreography. Some explanatory close captions tell us where she got her moves from and how freighting dancing is to her. The simple yet effective video moves the meaning of the song one step forward.

However, the flawless production of the single is the real protagonist. The track starts off with a well-paced arpeggio, enriched with a pounding pad. Jasmine’s light, almost childish voice, perfectly stands out in the production, which doesn’t sound busy at all (unlike some other pop and dance songs).

The catchy melody proves Jasmine is an experienced composer and knows how to get the attention of the audience, while the lyrics embody the idea of being challenged, but also the lightness and the feeling of hope we can see in the video.

Jasmine’s approach to writing is quite peculiar and very visual. Being raised by a Deaf father, her first language was ASL (American Sign Language), and that is probably why her lyrics are concise, straight to the point and use strong visual references.

High Wire is co-written and co-produced with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Rich Jacques and producer Daniel Pashman. This single is going to be followed by some other planned monthly releases that will result in an EP, which will be out in September.

We have no doubt: Jasmine Ash won’t let us down with her new work.

Release Date: May 31, 2019
Genre: Pop

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