Monti Korbelle/ The Absolute State of the Absolute State/ Album Review


With “The Absolute State of the Absolute State,” Korbelle proves himself to be a true innovator, a musical chameleon who refuses to be confined by expectations.

Forget genre labels, “The Absolute State of the Absolute State” is a 16-track sonic kaleidoscope of an album, a vibrant collision of pop, EDM, and acid house that defies easy categorization. This is Monti Korbelle‘s fifth full studio recording, and it marks a bold rebirth after his introspective “healing” phase.

Imagine a thrilling fusion of pop’s infectious hooks with the driving force of EDM and the psychedelic swirl of acid house. That’s just the starting point for Korbelle’s sonic concoction. He throws in dashes of alternative, throws genre labels out the window, and emerges with a sound that’s uniquely his own.

Lyrically, “The Absolute State of the Absolute State” is cryptic and evocative. Korbelle paints vivid pictures with words, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. This ambiguity adds to the album’s allure, inviting you to delve deeper and find your meaning within its sonic tapestry.

The opening track “Going In” is your invitation to the party, a familiar melody from a previous album that ushers you into a world of diverse musical ideas. It’s a taste of the experimental nature that permeates the entire album, each song a montage of sounds and styles that refuse to be pinned down.

“Hideaway,” washes over you in waves of electronic pop bliss, its synths sparkling like neon signs in a fading world. But beneath the catchy melody lies a deeper message, a love song set against the backdrop of an encroaching apocalypse. The lyrics depict a picture of two people seeking solace in each other as the world crumbles around them. The opening verse sets the scene: a simple desire for coffee and companionship, juxtaposed with the ominous crackle of lightning and thunder. Korbelle’s vocals are breathy and intimate, conveying a sense of vulnerability and hope all at once.

“Capture Fire,” sets ablaze a narrative of personal growth and the electrifying allure of newfound experiences. Using electronic pop elements with introspective lyricism, Korbelle takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of self-discovery against the vibrant New York City skyline.

“Into the Moon” is an ethereal conclusion to the album. Inspired by a dream, with haunting vocals and a soothing chorus, Korbelle crafts a captivating sonic experience that resonates with a sense of spiritual awakening and renewal.

The chorus, with its repetitive yet comforting refrain of “All will be okay, reach out for resolve, into the moon,” acts as a soothing mantra to embrace hope and compassion even in the face of adversity. The imagery of reaching out into the moon symbolizes a journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, guided by the gentle pull of the celestial body. The closing lines, “Capture the pain and let it fade away,” encapsulate the song’s message of letting go of negativity and embracing the journey towards inner peace.

But Korbelle’s artistry extends beyond the music itself. He’s an active member of the creative community, fostering connections with fans and fellow musicians through online spaces and local music events. This dedication to collaboration and inclusivity shines through in his music, creating a sense of shared experience that transcends genre barriers.

If you’re looking for something fresh, something that challenges your preconceptions of music, then “The Absolute State of the Absolute State” is for you. It’s for those who crave the unexpected, who embrace the experimental, and who appreciate an artist who pushes boundaries and dares to be different. It is overall, an immersive experience.

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