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thurane boldly redefines the worship experience, offering a passionate and powerful alternative that resonates with a Christian rock audience while respecting the foundations of the original composition.

Hailing from the sun-baked town of Youngtown, Arizona, altrock trio thurane unleashes a sonic pilgrimage through rock and redemption with their cover of the iconic worship anthem “Lead Me to the Cross.”

Originally an acoustic-driven ballad penned by Brooke Ligertwood and popularized by Hillsong UNITED with Ligertwood, thurane’s rendition throws open the sanctuary doors and blasts the song into the stratosphere with raw energy, into unexpected realms by infusing it with the edginess of Stone Temple Pilots and the intensity of Metallica, proving that faith can be just as powerfully screamed through a distortion pedal as it is whispered in a pew.

Dropping in March 2024, the second Single for their upcoming EP set for release later this year, thurane’s cover version strikes a mix between appreciation for the source material and a desire to give it a distinct character. It doesn’t shy away from adding its own verses and a blistering guitar solo, but the heart of Ligertwood’s message still beats beneath its brand of unfiltered passion: a yearning for surrender at the foot of the cross.

This rendition exemplifies the diversity of Christian music by showcasing how the same piece may be reinvented and performed in a variety of ways while maintaining its spiritual essence. It’s a reinterpretation that’s not afraid to sweat and scream its faith, and that’s precisely why it’ll resonate with a whole new audience.

This is for those who crave a more visceral expression of faith; thurane’s “Lead Me to the Cross” is a revelation. It’s a reminder that sometimes the loudest prayers are the ones screamed with hearts full of fire. Pre-save and download an advance copy here.

Music Credits:

thurane: Vocals, Guitars; Andrew Augustin: Drums; Brad Sirota: Bass guitar; Producer: thurane; Co-Producer & Mixing Engineer: Austin Deptula (Paul Baloche, LeAnn Rimes, Brenton Brown); Tracking Engineer: Damien Leclaire Jr for Saltmine; Mastering Engineer: Nathan James for VAULT; Mastering Second Engineer: Oli Morgan for Abbey Road Studios; Executive Producer: thurane

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