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Smooth and calming melody meets sweet lyrics, July expresses the joy of falling in love with a boy during the heat Summer.

Nashville-based young singer and songwriter Erin Gibney is making a name for herself in the crowded Music City.  With her strong vocal presence and catchy tunes she has what it takes to make a dent in Country music world.


This is particularly true on her latest single July, published as a refreshing Summer song . A light love song, not about broken hearts but joyful souls encountering and falling in love with each other, July is a classic pop-country tune that will appeal to many fans of that genre.


A smooth and calming melody meets sweet, maybe naïve but authentic lyrics through which the songwriter expresses the joy of falling in love with a boy during the heat of a sunny July.


In July, Erin Gibney explores the theme of feeling an unconditional and selfless love. The mood is so high and the moment  is so right, Erin almost begs time to stop: time please don’t pass me by.


Recalling the great divas of Country and Pop, such as Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton, Erin Gibney enlightens the track with her warm and deep voice that, however, always gives the listener a light sensation.


The production of July perfectly fits the Country-pop standards, with some pounding percussion setting the mood for guitars and other string instruments. The song never feels overproduced, but rather relaxing and authentic.


Being so young, Erin has time to mature and develop a more personal style. It is undeniable, however, that July is a great starting point and a very enjoyable listen. Also check out her previous Single “King of Hearts” and her 2018 5-track EP “Bold.”


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