Rich Jacques (Jacq) / Oblivion / Single Review


Soothing soundscapes and intimate folk-inspired melodies.

Rich Jacques (formerly JACQ) is a singer-songwriter with a very minimalistic approach to his music. His most recent release, “Oblivion,” is a really stunning track, with a very otherworldly soundscape, combining alt-folk influences with catchy hooks and cinematic textures.

Fans of artists such as Sufjan Stevens or Elliott Smith are definitely going to enjoy Rich Jacques’ sound. His vocals have an intimate, breathe quality, with some really interesting double-tracking, adding a lot of thickness and depth. It’s almost like the vocals was all around you, aided by the simple, yet beautiful arpeggiated guitar tones.

Ultimately, this song is a really impressive feat. It hits the mark because it combines honest songwriting with beautiful production aesthetics. The music is almost visual and palpable, due to the dense, textural quality of the release. In addition to the great recording quality, it goes without saying that Rich Jacques is an inspired, and inspiring singer, who really knows how to convey his emotions through quality songwriting and expressive, direct lyricism.

Release Date: March 29, 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock

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