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Sam Hart’s latest single, “Friends Before,” is an emotional gut punch disguised as a pop anthem.

Sam Hart’s latest single, “Friends Before,” is more than a sad song – it’s an emotional gut punch disguised as a pop anthem. Produced by Mike Tompa, the track blends lush harmonies with a cinematic soundscape, weaving a bittersweet tapestry of heartbreak and resilience.

The lyrics, penned by Hart herself, navigate the murky waters of betrayal within a friendship. From the opening lines, “One more drink and I’m gone,” a sense of vulnerability hangs in the air. The song recounts the manipulative tactics used to blur boundaries, the helplessness in the face of unwanted advances, and the lingering bruise of broken trust.

Hart’s vocals are a revelation. She delivers the lyrics with a raw honesty that is both captivating and cathartic. The rising intensity in her voice during lines like “Everyone thinks you’re an angel, but they don’t know you well enough” is a testament to her talent and the depth of her emotional connection to the material.

The production perfectly complements the lyrical theme. The gentle piano chords and cinematic strings create a melancholic atmosphere, while the subtle electronic elements add a modern edge. 

Hart sings about setting boundaries and reclaiming one’s power. The repeated refrain, “When we were friends before,” acts as a reminder of the past but also a firm declaration of the present—a line drawn in the sand.

With “Friends Before,” Sam Hart has delivered a poignant and powerful track that is sure to leave a lasting impression. A journey of self-discovery and a validation of the strength it takes to walk away from those who hurt us.

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