Olivia Awbrey / Don’t Be Alarmed / Single Review


Gritty alt-rock aesthetics with a psych-folk heart.

Some people may think that the hard-hitting edge of punk and the intimacy of folk might have no business meddling together, but others might disagree! Talented songwriter Olivia Awbrey set out to seamlessly bridge the gaps between these musical aesthetics, creating a sound that feels refreshingly honest, direct and unapologetic.

Her most recent single release, “Don’t Be Alarmed,” actually speaks loud and clear. The track has a very upfront attitude, yet the songwriting is charismatic and magnetic. Olivia has a way with words, and she knows how to make the most out of the simplest melodies.

“Don’t Be Alarmed” makes us think of artists like The Pixies, early Radiohead, Yuck, or Sonic Youth. The main quality of the song is the way dissonance blends in with melody, as Olivia voices her emotion with a set of insightful, passionate lyrics. Any fan of great alternative rock with a distinctive 90s flavor is definitely going to enjoy listening to Olivia’s poignant music and heartfelt performances.

Release Date: June 19, 2018
Genre: Rock

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