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“All Things Endless,” is an 11-track dreamscape where indie rock and pop dance with classical whispers. A stunning debut album.

From the fertile ground of indie rock and chamber pop, Feels Like Honey’s debut album, “All Things Endless,” has yielded a vibrant bloom in the form of “All The Flowers.” This single, a potent distillation of the album’s themes of release and transformation, is a poignant journey through vulnerability and catharsis.

Hannah Boissonneault is the Michigan-born singer-songwriter/composer/arranger/producer/bassist/guitarist behind Feels Like Honey.

The song opens with a weighty bassline and Boissonneault’s introspective vocals, planting us firmly in a melancholic landscape. The lyric “Weight on solid ground / Pulls me further down” evokes the suffocating hold of past burdens. But then, the chorus erupts: “Let go, let go / Let all the flowers hit the floor.” It’s a powerful release, a shedding of emotional baggage symbolized by the falling flowers.

The instrumentation, a rich tapestry of strings, woodwinds, and piano, adds depth and texture to the emotional journey. The melancholic violin whispers alongside Boissonneault’s voice, while the soaring cello punctuates the moments of release. The intricate layers create a sense of introspection, urging the listener to delve into their own emotional depths.

The repetition of the “Let go” refrain throughout the song acts as a mantra, each iteration chipping away at the walls of resistance. The final fading of “All the flowers fade” carries a sense of bittersweet acceptance, a recognition of the beauty and loss inherent in letting go.

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