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Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or simply seeking a unique and transportive listening experience, join the elephant for a walk, feel the weight of its steps and the vastness of the landscapes it explores.

Ari Joshua‘s latest venture, “Elephant Walk,” is a captivating exploration into the whimsical realms of jazz, featuring the formidable talents of John Medeski on organ and Billy Martin on drums. This is a follow-up to the equally refreshing “Country Stroll” also showcasing the ‘dream team’ of jazz veterans. The trio’s synergy creates a sonic journey that transcends traditional jazz boundaries, offering a fresh take on the classic piano trio format.

The piece opens with Medeski’s piano gliding gracefully, setting a free-flowing foundation. Martin’s inventive percussion layers create a dynamic landscape, punctuated by the joyful chime of a cowbell that evokes the spirit of New Orleans funk. Then, Joshua’s guitar emerges with a deep, resonant bellow, mirroring the majestic stride of an elephant raising its trunk.

The interplay between the musicians is seamless, with each note adding a layer of depth and texture to the narrative. Medeski’s improvisations soar, taking the listener on unexpected detours, while Martin’s percussion solos feel spacious and sweeping, mirroring the vastness of the elephant’s journey and bringing the track full circle.

The top-notch audio production by Chris Bitnner, Ed Brooks, and Ari Raskin deserves applause, as it impeccably captures the nuances and intricacies of the trio’s performance. The artwork by Paul Delaney beautifully complements the poetic narrative embedded in the music, depicting a carefree and whimsical tale of a young elephant on a quest for truth and freedom.

In the mind of Ari Joshua, “Elephant Walk” symbolizes a soul-searching journey, with the majestic creature exploring vast landscapes and encountering symbolic characters along the way. The track leaves a lasting imprint, much like the presence of an elephant with each powerful step. Ari Joshua continues to solidify his position as an award-winning artist with a passion for crafting enduring and majestic musical experiences.

Ari Joshua is the founder of The Music Factory Music School. As a means of giving back to his community, he offers his talents teaching music to people of various ages, genres, and ability levels. You can support by signing up for music lessons online or in person at www.musicfactorynw.com.

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