Black Lab / In A Moment / Single Review


Black Lab is a music project based out of Los Angeles, California. The duo recently released a brand new studio single titled “In A Moment,” after four year in hiatus. The multi-genre track sets the bar higher in terms of production and creative excellence.

The song begins with a soothing atmosphere and a one-of-a-kind focus on creating a dark and atmospheric beat. The vocals are sultry and smooth, in the vein of artists as diverse as The Weeknd, Miguel and Frank Ocean. This is the perfect example of what it means to make modern R&B music with an edge, and a diverse set of soundscapes that make the sound all the more intriguing and diverse.

On one hand, the song is very chill and atmospheric. On the other, the vocals are magnetic and energetic, with hooks that are memorable and easy to relate to. This one is going to please fans of modern indie-pop, electronica, alternative and R&B alike!


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