Valerio Lysander / I Don’t Know Why it Happens / Single Review


Valerio Lysander moves from a personal tragedy to write something universal. It is both poignant and well-presented.

Italian-born and London-based singer and songwriter Valerio Lysander is back with a touching new single, “I Don’t Know Why It Happens.”

Written after his mother’s death and dealing with all the different layers of grief this separation provoked, “I Don’t Know Why It Happens” is a sweet, heart-warming song that would deserve to become a classic, for both musical and theme-related reasons.


As for the musical side of it, Valerio Lysander has a peculiar approach to pop, rooting into chamber music and spreading towards a contemporary feel. The cinematic strings and classical arrangements, strong support throughout this baroque pop tune, set the atmosphere since the very opening bars. His smooth and soft vocals perfectly intertwine into the layers of the instrumentation, each reminding (and maybe symbolizing) the different stages of grief.

As for the theme, it is both poignant and well-presented. Valerio moves from a personal tragedy to write something universal.
Following the Buddhist teachings, he explores his journey through acceptance, with the aid of mindfulness and the awareness of how every being is interconnected, even through life and death.

I Don’t Know Why It Happens” is part of Valerio’s latest EP “When The Clouds will Gather, I will Drink the Rain.”

If you don’t know Valerio Lysander, do yourself a favor and check out his heart-warming music and deep lyrics. It will be a grand experience.


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