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“I’ve said goodbye so many times
I’m not afraid of letting go
I’ve said goodbye so many times
I guess I’m more scared of hello”
-Amy Loftus

You say goodbye and I say hello: in 1967, the Beatles released one of the most iconic songs in their history.

The word hello has become a recurring presence in pop music since then. In its simplicity, hello conveys a feeling of familiarity, the developing of a relationship, the thrill for a new beginning or the quest for pleasant memories of a past romance. What can be more relatable than that?

Whether it represents a love story grown cold, whether it suggests the resolution of conflict through dialogue, whether it narrates the beginning of a special bond, this little word is powerful and a source of inspiration for songwriters.

Here’s a list of songs you may or may not heard of with “hello” in them that isn’t Lionel Richie’s or Adele’s and the classics we already know.

Schuyler Fisk / Hello / 2009

Bic Runga / Hello, Hello / 2011

Randy Crawford / One Hello / 1982

The Oh Hello's / Hello My Old Heart / 2011

Psapp / Hi / 2006

Billy Sprague / Heaven is a Long Goodbye / 1992

Shakespears Sister / Hello (Turn Your Radio On) / 1992

Amy Loftus / Hello / 2019

Kate Bush / Hello Earth / 1985

Regina Spektor / Human of The Year / 2009

My Sun and Stars / Hello / 2019

Poe / Hello / 2004

Rosie Thomas & Sufjan Stevens / Say Hello / 2007

Clairo / Hello? / 2018

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