The Score / V of 40M feat. 40M Tye and Hippie G / Single Review


V of 40M and his collaborators have delivered a modern-day classic with “The Score” that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hip-hop landscape.

“The Score” by V of 40M, his fourth Single, featuring 40M Tye and Hippie G, is a monumental release that not only shakes the foundations of hip-hop but also resonates deeply with its listeners due to its powerful lyrical content and progressive rhythm. Produced by LABACK, the track is a fiery manifesto that serves as a rallying cry for the Black Independence movement, 40 Million Strong (40M) and the ongoing struggle against systemic injustices.

The lyrics cut deep and are the heart of the song. V of 40M wastes no time laying out the core message. V’s raw passion and poignant delivery bring to light the age-old story of a system that has consistently failed its marginalized citizens. Lines like “Burning shit up/ Fight fire with fire and krakkas’ don’t want that smoke”  and “They done made us slaves to the dollar”  express anger and frustration at a system rigged against Black people. The repeated refrain “They say we down, that’s a bet/ Tell em’ double check the score” is a defiant challenge to those who underestimate the Black liberation movement.

The song is laced with references to the 40 Million Strong movement and their unwavering commitment to their cause,  emphasized by the repeated phrase “heavy on the 4’s.”  V emphasizes unity, purpose, and self-determination: “We self determined, they don’t want that/ I got Tye and Hippie front and back.”

V emphasizes unity within the Black community (“all the inner beefings null and void, we can either build or be destroyed”). The lyrics shift between anger and defiance (“Gotta play on rush now, big score for the 4”), but also a yearning for knowledge and equality (“We got the power, we want the knowledge”). Spanish verses (“40 Million, todos marchando”) add a layer of inclusivity to the movement.

While the lyrics are steeped in revolutionary fervor and are the driving force, the music provides the fire. LABACK’s masterful production is energetic, with a driving beat that underscores the urgency of the message. It complements the vocal delivery, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience. There are also hints of other influences.  Comparisons are drawn to The Fugees, suggesting an inspiration in their socially conscious music.  The track also has a “modern day classic” feel,  blending elements of old-school hip-hop with a contemporary soundscape. The guest appearances by 40M Tye and Hippie G add depth and variety to the sound.

V of 40M hopes to inspire a generation to fight for autonomy and self-determination. For those interested in socially conscious hip-hop and movements for racial justice, “The Score” is a powerful and thought-provoking track. It’s not just hip-hop; it’s a social statement.  Whether you agree with V of 40M’s message or not, there’s no denying the passion and conviction behind his music.

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