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Lesley Gore’s timeless anthem gets a modern makeover with thoughtful remixes to bridge generations and keep classic songs relevant in today’s musical landscape.

In a remarkable turn of events, Lesley Gore’s final album “Ever Since”, meticulously restored, remixed, and remastered by the visionary producer Blake Morgan, has ignited a global resurgence. ECR Music Group’s deluxe-edition rerelease in November 2023 has thrust Gore back into the spotlight, captivating audiences worldwide.

The iconic track “You Don’t Own Me,” forever etched in music history, has found new life. Not only does it feature prominently in Calvin Klein’s latest global advertising campaign alongside actor Jeremy Allen White (The Bear, Shameless), but it has also achieved an unprecedented milestone: claiming the coveted #1 spot on Billboard’s TikTok chart. This achievement marks Gore’s first Billboard chart-topper since her breakout success in 1963.

Adding to the excitement, ECR label-mates and electronic-music virtuosos, The Heroic Enthusiasts, have masterfully reimagined Gore’s 2005 rendition of “You Don’t Own Me” with two remixes that is already making waves with both longtime fans and a new generation of music enthusiasts.

The project is a clear labor of love for the group. Lead singer and producer, James Tabbi emphasizes their respect for the original, produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, and their desire to create distinct interpretations to the classic. Guitarist and producer Thomas Ferrara concurs, emphasizing the core message:  “…we wanted to come through loud and clear in both versions is, “we are young, we are free, and You Don’t Own Me.'”

The first remix is a “high-energy anthem” for today’s  diverse and inclusive audience, incorporating modern production elements while staying true to the song’s essence. The second takes a more sophisticated approach, drawing inspiration from the “Bond-esque” sound, allowing Gore’s commanding vocals to take center stage.

Lesley Gore, a trailblazer during the ’60s Girl Group era, carved her niche as a commercially successful solo artist. Her Quincy Jones-produced hits—“It’s My Party,” “Judy’s Turn To Cry,” and the indomitable “You Don’t Own Me”—transcended the airwaves, revealing an artist with pop sensibilities and an unwavering spirit. Against the backdrop of formulaic radio offerings, Gore stood tall, leaving an indelible mark on music history.

Helmed by the album’s original producer and ECR founder, Blake Morgan, “Ever Since (Deluxe Edition)” shimmers like a rediscovered treasure. This collection lovingly polishes classic songs, placing them under a soft spotlight that lets Lesley Gore’s vocals truly captivate. Familiar gems like “You Don’t Own Me” and the Oscar-nominated “Out Here On My Own” (from Fame) are reimagined, seamlessly blending with brand new offerings, including contributions from both Morgan and Gore herself.

As we celebrate this revival, Lesley Gore’s voice continues to reverberate, reminding us to declare our independence —youthful, unbridled, and free—through these The Heroic Enthusiasts remixes. ‘You Don’t Own Me’ echoes across generations.”

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