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Inspired by the Los Angeles nightlife, “Dance With Me,” Natalie K’s newest Single, throbs with a carefree energy.

Natalie K sets the mood for summer with her latest single, “Dance With Me.” This vibrant pop anthem is everything you want in a feel-good dance track: catchy melodies, chill vibes, and lyrics that highlights an unforgettable night out with friends.

Inspired by the Los Angeles nightlife, “Dance With Me” throbs with a carefree energy. The “chill synths” create a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for swaying along, while the “memorable lyrics” and “infectious” chorus will have you singing in the shower.  Co-written with singer-songwriter Raquel Telfer in Nashville, the lyrics “Friday night, California dreams” and “neon lights, spilling drinks” are magic, and instantly transport you to a crowded dance floor, ready to lose yourself in the rhythm.

Natalie K performed a show at the legendary Hotel Cafe Main Stage in Los Angeles for the Single release in April. The show was supported by Lions Partners Insurance and Buy Armenian and it was a night filled with music, giveaways, and celebration.

Instead of a traditional music video, Natalie opts for a “music/lyric video hybrid” that complements the song’s carefree spirit. A series of captivating visuals depict the memories recounted in the lyrics, further solidifying the California dreamin’ theme.

Whether you’re longing for a summer night out or just looking for a song to brighten your mood, “Dance With Me” is the perfect pick. It’s a strong contender for your summer playlist, and with its radio-friendly sound, it deserves to be heard far and wide so do share with friends!.

Song Credits:

Music and Lyrics by Natalie Kalamdaryan and Raquel Telfer
Produced by Billy Lefler
Mixed by Adrian Alvarado
Mastered by Hans Dekline

Lyric Video Credits:

Starring: Natalie Kalamdaryan
Executive Producer: Natalie Kalamdaryan
Creative Director: Ilaria DePlano
Photographer: Liana Grigorian

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